Hi, my name is Claire!

I wanted to share a little story about me so that you get to know me more and understand how I can help your teen through troubled times. You see, on the outside, I have been incredibly lucky to have had a good life. I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, a nice home and a wonderful family. But something wasn’t right.

Somehow, I felt unfulfilled. Over time I began to get anxious, and eventually I fell into depression. I thought maybe these low moods were normal and carried on with my life, just like most people would. But then one day I had a mental breakdown.

My brain just couldn’t cope anymore. I was left unable to do even the simple day to day things, like shopping for food, cooking for the family, I didn’t even want to get out of bed. Obviously, the doctors put me on medication, and I quickly started feeling the unpleasant side effects.

I was having nightmares and although my sadness was numbing so was any feelings of joy. I was in limbo and I attended therapy sessions, which just left me feeling more disconnected. I felt like another tick box on a list of names.

Deep down I knew I needed more than this. I knew in my heart that there must be a better way than what was being offered to me. But what? That’s was when I started doing my own research. Thankfully, I discovered meditation and mindfulness, and other life-changing techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

How I Can Help Your Teen Grow
And Break Free From Stress

I am so grateful to have found a new way, and, in the last few years, I’ve trained on some amazing courses and am now qualified to teach children the art of mindfulness alongside EFT. I’m also qualified as a Bodhi meditation teacher with Brett Moran and have worked with countless young adults helping them learn and grow stronger mentally and emotionally.

I discovered that life doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle. In fact, your life was meant to feel good and your children deserve the best. I learnt that fear holds you back from happiness and that it’s all a choice. So now I live my life on purpose with purpose!!!

But this isn’t about me, it’s about your family and your children, and that’s why I decided to help young people. So many families and teens are suffering in silence and it does not have to be this way! If you want a successful mentor for your child to help them find focus and direction then get in touch below.

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