Are You Ready For A Break? 

F#cking Fabulous Female Retreat 2024

July 8th - 11th, 2024


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"The F#cking Fabulous Female Retreat" will help you escape, feel nourished in a haven of calmness and tranquillity in the beautiful Essex countryside.

Leave your computer at home. Turn your phone off - not on silent, actually off! Immerse yourself in nature and unwind.

Whether you're new to retreats or experienced, this break will help you dive deeper into your self-care practise, create wellbeing and connect with like minded people that will bring out the best in you.

I promise you will leave feeling F#cking fabulous!!!!

Give Yourself The Break That You Deserve

When was the last time you did something for yourself or spent money on yourself?

Do you ever feel guilty when you do?

If the answers yes, then you're not alone!

I think it’s time we stopped putting work and family before our own needs. They will still love you and doesn’t mean you love them any less!!

When you put yourself first, you’ll be able to show up as your best self, feeling refreshed and fulfilled with your life.

The key is ensuring you are taken care of first. There is a reason that they instruct you on planes to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others.

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retreating to a peaceful Oasis in the countryside.


Meditating. Yoga. Spiritual healing circles. Making beautiful things. Relaxing with Good food and company around the campfire. Opening your heart chakra, raising your kundalini energy, and awaking your inner goddess.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to switch off and journal, mediate and feel calm, escape the news, and take a media detox.

No Wi-Fi, no kids, no partner, just a group of like-minded women who want to relax and recharge their mind body and soul…

Here’s a taste of what you will be doing:

  1. Receive a warm welcome – Meet your host Claire and get showered with lots of love and excitement for what’s to come for you.
  2. Daily meditation practise – Waking up to morning meditations with me in nature whilst listening to the birds signing. What could be more lovely!
  3. Daily Yoga – Daily yoga practice on a sunny deck. 
  4. Sound bath – We will be allowing some beautiful vibrations to wash over us. Raising our vibrations and leaving us feeling relaxed and reset. 
  5. Ho’oponopono workshop - In this ancient Hawaiian practise we will learn the art of forgiveness. 
  6. Belief coding© group session – A powerful way of releasing lifelong limiting beliefs about yourself for good. Seriously life changing!
  7. Wild swimming – How would it feel to step out of your comfort zone and give this one a go?! Prepare to wash away all your worries and feel completely free and at one with nature.
  8. Country walk/introduction to mindfulness – Walking in silence and taking in what’s around us is something that we rarely get time to do. Notice the beauty in a tiny field the feel of the breeze through your hair. This will bring your senses to life!
  9. Letting go Burning ceremony with Cacao – Coming together in a safe place to release and let go of anything that’s unsettling you or that you no longer want in your life. (No pressure to share all written).
  10. Matrix imprinting session - Future visualisation/Vision board creating – Let's create the abundant happy lives we deserve. 
  11. Time to journal and set new intentions – Find a quiet spot under a tree or by the lake and give yourself some time to journal your feeling and what's coming up for you. 
  12. Goddess Flower Crown making – spend a couple of hours being creative and bringing out the goddess in you.
  13. Healthy food and refreshments – Beautiful healthy fresh Vegetarian breakfast lunch and dinner.

… And so much more!!!

You will be leaving a whole new person!!

You may cry you will laugh but whatever you do, you will be leaving feeling refreshed, inspired and happy.


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Welcome to your new home for the next few days ‘CAMP CHALKNEY’ 

You will be staying in luxury Tipis with comfy double beds all to yourself. Just imagine waking up hearing the birds and helping yourselves to a freshly prepared breakfast, instead of that work alarm or the kids shouting for their breakfast.

“Nomadic” luxury bell tents. Each tent comes with full bedding, bed linen and lamp; bath towels, power supply for lighting and phone charging. Available as single occupancy or ask friends to join you, up to 5 guests sharing.

> Luxury Shepherds Hut Loo
> Converted Horse Trailer Shower Units


Tey Brook Farm
Great Tey

To find exact location please upload google maps and type in Chalkney Water Meadows.This should take you to exactly correct location.